About Kristel

Kristel Robinson
Spiritual Teacher
Certified life & Relationships Coach
Motivational Speaker

My mission is to strengthen, empower and guide women facing heartbreak and grief.

There was a time in my life in which I was filled with sorrow, anger and hurt. I felt completely lost and alone. My heart was completely broken. I kept running into the same bad situations, looking for love at the wrong places, giving more of myself that I was receiving in return.

Losing my mom, going through a divorce, a betrayal meant to destroy me, and having my heart broken again and again by men who claimed to love me, having been harassed at my job, and all this happening at the same time, was my breaking point.

I remember driving one day and just falling apart in my car, I cried my soul out. I felt as it was too much to handle and I just couldn’t go anymore.

For a moment, I looked up the sky and the sun was shining so bright on me, there I knew that I was not alone. “I got you” that was God promise for me.

It was a long road to healing and forgiveness. It started with allowing me to accept that I cannot control what people do to me or what life throws at me, but I was covered by God’s Grace and Mercy.

I had a trip planned before it all happened and even though I was not in the mood to go, I did anyways, and it was the best move I’ve ever made. I was able to breathe, to find myself; I discovered that I was more powerful and resilient than I thought. I just needed to get away and exhale.

That’s when I went through my spiritual transformation and rebirth.

It’s been a couple years since it all happened, and even though I’m in such a better place in my life now, we all know that life has it ways to knocks us out of our feet, life can change from one day to another, we can lose people in a blink of an eye, we can lose everything without notice.

But the good news is that we all have the power to overcome anything meant to destroy us. With guidance, forgiveness, and strength, we can build ourselves to be resilient and to keep pushing forward in the middle of the storm, and trust me, the moment it all occurs, you learn you are stronger than your circumstances and that nothing CAN BREAK YOU.

I promised myself that I was going to spend the rest of my life making women feel less broken and that’s why I created the Can’t Break Me Retreat.

My purpose is to give women the space to unwind and disconnect from psychological trauma, to exhale through the pain and to have the time of their lives.

At the Can’t Break Me Retreat I will provide tools that help women to take steps to love themselves, forgive, and heal, but most important, to recognize their value and self respect.

I want women to love themselves so much that they will recognize when they are being mistreated, but most important, to empower and help to overcome heartbreak and trauma from within.

Let’s stand in power.


Kristel Robinson.

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