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Booking Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”) apply to any retreats, or services you have booked with or purchased from Can’t Break Me Retreats and govern the contractual relationship between you and, CBMR with respect to any such travel products (passport covers, guides, masterclasses) and/or services (hereinafter, the “Products”). Please read these Terms carefully as by booking any Product with CBMR, or by traveling on at The Retreat /Can’t Break Me Retreat Experience you acknowledge that you: i) have read and understand these Terms, and ii) indicate your express acceptance of and agree to be bound by these Terms. If you have confirmed a booking on any Products with more than one Buyer named and booked on such booking, you shall be deemed to have accepted these Terms on behalf of all Buyers named in the booking and traveling on or otherwise participating in any Products (hereinafter “you”, the “Buyer(s)”), and by such travel or participation all participants indicate their assent to these Terms. The Buyer who confirmed the booking is deemed to be the designated contact person for all other Buyers named in such booking. These Terms constitute the entire agreement between the Buyer and CBMR with respect to the subject matter thereof and supersedes all prior agreements, representations and understandings of the parties, written or oral.



1.The Booking Contract

A booking is confirmed and these Terms shall apply when CBMR, have received the applicable deposit from the Buyer and the Buyer has received electronic confirmation from Cant Break Me Retreat of such booking. Sales tax is not included. The Buyer confirming the booking must be no less than 18 years of age and agrees to provide full, complete and accurate information as requested by CBMR to confirm such booking.  Any Buyer confirming a booking on any Retreat, Products etc with more than one Buyer named and booked on such booking represents and warrants to CBMR:i) they have all requisite consents and authority to make such booking on behalf of all other Buyers named on the booking, and have communicated all necessary information to the other Buyers in order for them to give free and fully informed authorization to do so; ii) the information that they are providing regarding all Buyers is complete and accurate, and they have obtained all necessary consents and permissions to share such information with CBMR for the purposes of completing the booking; and iii) they will inform all other named Buyers on the relevant booking of the applicability of these Terms to the booking and the Buyers’ relationship with CBMR.

At any time before a booking is confirmed, CBMR reserves the right to increase or decrease brochure prices of any Products. CBMR reserves the right to decline any booking, in their sole discretion.



FINAL PAYMENT(S): Buyers should refer to the confirmation email sent by CBMR and/or their applicable confirmation email for details regarding mid balance, and final payment. Installment payments should be made montly. Failure to complete 2 montly payments CBMR will treat the booking of the retreat as canceled. All payments made to CBMR are non refundable. Payment of the mid balance of the price is due no less than 60 days before the retreat date. Final balance is due no later than 30 days before the retreat date. If full payment is not received by such due date, CBMR  will treat the booking of the retreat as canceled and shall retain the amount paid on booking as a cancellation fee, at CBMR sole discretion. If a product, retreat is booked less than 30 days before the retreat date of the first then the full amount is payable at the time of booking in order for the booking to be confirmed. If, for any Product, payment terms differ from those outlined in this section, the applicable terms will be communicated to the Buyer prior to booking and shall also be detailed on the applicable invoice.

(b) Late Payment: Failure to make a payment within fourteen days of the agreed-upon date is a breach of contract and will result in the cancellation of your experience. CBMR maintains the right to assign your spot to the next eligible Buyer on the waitlist.

(c) Buyer Details: As a condition to valid confirmation of any booking with CBMR, the Buyer must provide all necessary information as requested by CBMR along with their final payment. If the Buyer fails to provide such information prior to 60 days before the departure of the purchased Product, an Administrative Fee of $100 will be charged to the Buyer, and CBMR reserves the right to treat such booking as cancelled.

(d) Credit Card/Paypal/Bank Charges: CBMR is not responsible for any charges levied or charged by third parties and/or financial institutions and payable by the Buyer as a result of credit card or other payment transactions in connection with the purchase of Products and will not refund or return any fees charged by such third parties.


Any cancellation of a booking and/or a Product by the Buyer must be delivered to Can’t Break Me Retreat in writing no later than 120 days of the scheduled retreat and be acknowledged by CBMR in writing. Cancellation by Buyer will not be permitted after the 120 days. The retreat ticket is NON-REFUNDABLE, and None TRANSFERABLE
CBMR is not responsible for any incidental expenses or consequential losses that the buyer may have incurred as a result of the cancelled booking such as visas, vaccinations, non-refundable flights or rail, non refundable car parking or other fees, loss of earnings, or loss of enjoyment, etc.

Buyers purchasing Products are highly recommended to purchase comprehensive cancel for any reason insurance, to the extent such insurance is available under the laws governing each Buyer's country of origin.


Postponed Retreat  (PHR)
In the case that Can’t Break Me Retreat cancels a retreat, a refund will not be issued, however the Buyers retreat ticket will be transferred to a future retreat of their choice or Buyer will have the option to transfer their ticket to another person. Buyers purchasing Products are highly recommended to purchase comprehensive cancel for any reason insurance, to the extent such insurance is available under the laws governing each Buyer's country of origin.
(a) CBM has the right to cancel a retreat or change THE VENUE an itinerary  for any given retreat or event with 24 hour notice.
CBMR is not responsible for any incidental expenses or consequential losses that the Buyer may have incurred as a result of the cancelled booking such as visas, non-refundable flights or rail, non-refundable car parking or other fees, loss of earnings, or loss of enjoyment, etc.


CBMR shall not offer or pay any discounts or refunds for missed or unused services which were missed or unused by the Buyer due to no fault of TR or the TR Team, which shall include any termination of the Buyer’s participation in the tour Product due to the Buyer’s own fault, negligence or breach of these Terms.


Due to the nature of travel and the prices of the resources on which it depends, the published price of any Product is subject to change at any time, before or after booking confirmation, up to 30 days before the departure of such Product. After a Confirmation Invoice has been issued by CBMR/reserves the right to impose surcharges on any Product(s), but only for reasons arising from increases in transportation costs, fuel costs, dues, taxes or fees chargeable for services such as landing taxes or embarkation or disembarkation fees at ports and airport charges, local operator costs, currency and exchange fluctuations, increases in taxes, or government action which impacts the price of the applicable Product(s), but only where the increase in question is greater than 2% of the original price paid for the Product .CBRM shall provide notice to the affected Buyer as soon as reasonably possible upon learning of the necessity to impose a surcharge in accordance with this section.

Where the increase in price is greater than 10% of the price of the applicable Product, upon receiving notification from CBMR the affected Buyer(s) may elect to either:
(i) cancel the applicable Product booking without incurring any penalty; or
(ii) accept the change of price.
The Buyer must notify CBMR of their election within 14 days of receipt of notice of the increase, or they shall have been deemed to have accepted the price change and have accepted liability for payment of the increase.
Retreats are priced and advertised exclusive of applicable sales taxes and such taxes will be advised to Buyer at the time of booking and itemized on subsequent invoicing.



The prices of Products advertised on the CBMR website are based on costs in effect at the time of posting to the website. CBMR reserves the right to alter prices of any Product at any time prior to receipt of payment in full for such Product. All dates, itineraries and prices are indicative only and the price quoted at the time of Booking shall be the applicable price, subject to the surcharges that may be levied in accordance with Section 6, above. Changes, revisions, or other amendments may be made to the particulars contained on the CBMR website before a contract is concluded, and such changes, revisions or amendments shall be incorporated herein as of the date of such amendment.


The Buyer acknowledges by booking a Product and/or agreeing to travel with CBMR that the nature of this type of travel requires considerable flexibility and acknowledges that they will permit reasonable alterations to the Product and/or itinerary by CBMR. The Buyer acknowledges their understanding that the route, schedules, itineraries, amenities and mode of transport may be subject to change without prior notice due to circumstances or events, which may include sickness or mechanical breakdown, incidents in the location where the Product will be operated, flight cancellations, strikes, events emanating from political disputes, entry or border difficulties, extreme weather and other unpredictable or unforeseeable circumstances which are beyond the reasonable control of CBMR.



(a) Trip details: The itinerary is a general guide to the retreat and region and any mention of specific destinations is not a guarantee that they will be visited or encountered, nor does it form part of the contract between the Buyer and CBMR. Although the itinerary has been curated with care and details are provided in good faith, CBMR may make improvements that stem from weather changes, local factors, past travelers’ comments, and research, to name a few examples. As a Buyer, you also expressly acknowledge and assume responsibility for inherent risks associated with physical activities you participate in.

(b) Changes made by CBMR: While CBMR will endeavor to operate all Products as advertised, reasonable changes in the itinerary of any Product may be made where deemed necessary or advisable for operational reasons by CBMR, in its sole discretion. If CBMR makes a Material Change (defined as a change affecting at least one in three full retreat days of the itinerary, or which materially affects the character of the Product in its entirety) to any Product, TR/CBMR will inform the Buyer(s) booked on such Product of any Material Change as soon as reasonably possible, provided that there is sufficient time before departure to properly notify all affected Buyers. If a Material Change is made more than 12 days prior to departure, the affected Buyer may elect to:
(i) accept the Material Change and proceed with the amended Product;
(ii) book another Product of equivalent or greater value, if available (Buyer shall be responsible for paying any difference in price between the amended Product and the Product booked in its place);

(c) CBMR has the right to cancel a retreat or activities with 24 hour notice.

Once a Product experience has departed, changes to such Product’s itinerary may be necessary or advisable as a result of unforeseen circumstances or other reasons related to effective Product operation, health, safety, Buyer enjoyment, or Buyer comfort. Any such changes are at the discretion of CBMR and any indirect costs incurred as a result will be the responsibility of the Buyer. The Buyer acknowledges that they must have reasonable financial resources to cover incidental expenses on every Product , whether or not they arise from a change in the itinerary or from the travel itself, and that CBMR shall not be liable for any Buyer’s failure to prepare adequately for their travel and unforeseen circumstances which may arise during such travel.
CBMR will not be liable for any indirect and/or consequential losses associated with any changes to a Product’s itinerary.


Code of Conduct

Welcome to the beautiful mountains of Costa Rica, and thank you for being part of the , CBMR experience. We are thrilled that you chose to come on this healing journey with us. Before we can get started with our activities,please read and agree to the following Code of Conduct. This code of conduct applies to your entire  duration with us:

We believe in human rights! There is a zero tolerance hate policy for any offensive verbal comment related to gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion, or other personal lifestyle choices. If this behavior is detected, we will handle it accordingly: participants will be asked to stop any hateful or disrespectful behavior immediately. If the negative behavior persists, the organizers and participants of the space will take appropriate action such as mediation or asking the offender to leave.
**Please do not feel burdened to bring this behavior to our attention. We want to maintain a positive and healing energy for the duration of our retreat, and to do that we depend on the honesty of our teachers and participants. **

The zero tolerance hate policy extends to negative postings on any form of public website or social networking, i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. Should you post something before or after the retreat, affiliated with Can’t Break Me Retreat that the organizers feel does not align with the sisterhood and mission of Can’t Break Me  Retreats, you will be asked to remove or edit the post.  Should a participant defame, slander etc Kristel, CBMR/ Can’t Break Me  Retreats or affiliates, the participant will be penalized with $10,000 fee payable to Kristel Robinson , CBMR Retreat, and/or further legal action.

Please be courteous to fellow participants by asking for permission before taking or posting pictures that include others.
Photos of  alcoholic beverages or herbal supplement should not be posted with affiliation to CBMR

Below are a few definitions of behaviors that will NOT be accepted. Please read each.

  • Sexism:  Prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex.

  • Colorism: Prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group.

  • Body Shaming: Negative statements and attitudes toward another person's weight or size. It can also reach into the discrimination against individuals who may be overweight or underweight.

  • Classism: prejudice against or in favor of people belonging to a particular social class.

  • Fat Phobia: Fear and severe dislike of obese people and/or obesity.

  • Homophobia: Irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals.

  • Transphobia: A range of antagonistic attitudes and feelings against transgender or transsexual people, or against transexuality. Transphobia can be emotional disgust, fear, anger or discomfort felt or expressed towards people who identify as transsexual or transgender.

  • Religious discrimination: Treating individuals differently because of their religion, their religious beliefs and practices, and/or their request for accommodation for such. *This definition applies to Atheism.


Animal By Products on the Property
If a participant brings any animal by products on the property or within the retreat, the participant will be asked to leave the property  and the retreat immediately, and a refund will not be issued, no exceptions.


Creatures of the Mountain
There are bugs, sloths, horses, throughout the mountain here. Participants are asked to practice non violence with the creatures of the jungle. We prefer to keep the creatures alive.  If you are afraid of a bug, we suggest remembering that the bug is probably just as scared as you ;-)

Meal Time
All participants must be present at all meal times.

Silent Hour & Journal Time
Silent hour and journal time will take place each day of the retreat. All participants and guest must honor this time to practice tuning into their own INNergy.

Personal Responsibility
We ask that participants practice personal responsibility by showing up for themselves. Participants should be sure to show up to all activities on time. If you are late to an activity, you will be responsible for arranging your own transportation to the activity. If you are late for a workshop or yoga/ meditation class, you may not be permitted within the class, this  depends on the class.

Refusal to comply with any conditions within this code of conduct will result in your immediate removal from the retreat with no refund, and/or further legal action.  Once again, thank you for attending Can’t Break Me Retreat! Below is the Media Consent Form and Liability waiver.


I hereby consent and authorize an employee or agent of At Can’t Break Me Retreats to take photographs or motion pictures of me or other types of media productions that capture my name, voice, retreat experience and/or image. I authorize Can’t Break Me Retreats to copyright the materials, and I authorize Can’t Break Me  Retreats to use, reuse, copy, publish, display, exhibit, reproduce, license to third party, and distribute the Materials in any promotional materials or other forms of media, which may include, but are not limited to social media, retreat websites or publications, magazines, articles, electronic or otherwise, without notifying me. I also agree that the CBMR of may identify me by name and/or social media title, city ,state or country, occupation etc. 
I agree that I am participating on a voluntary basis and I will not receive any payment from CBMR Retreats for agreeing to this release or as a result of any publication of the materials.

I will be participating in the Can’t Break Me Retreat in Costa Rica. I hereby release and indemnify The Retreat/ CBMR Retreats  and its staff and volunteers, from any and all liability arising from claims of any kind or nature whatsoever from my participation, including but not limited to accidents with any physical activity included in this retreat. I understand that if I violate any laws regarding possession of alcohol and/or weapons, or rules governing the retreat, I will be asked to leave the retreat. In the event that the undersigned cannot be reached, and in the judgment of the creator, Kristel , at this retreat or other staff members, there is necessity for immediate medical examination and/or treatment of myself, I hereby authorize any of the aforementioned personnel to obtain such medical services as are deemed necessary. I understand that voluntarily attending the Can’t Break Me Retreat may involve certain risks beyond the reasonable control of the Can’t Break Me Retreat, its staff and volunteers and agents in connection with the retreat, associated with the retreat, including but not limited to accidents, emergencies, exposure to reckless conduct of other persons, and/or negligence of and that Can’t Break Me Retreat disclaim any and all responsibility for any such risks. If at any time during the retreat, attendees attempt to leave the event to attend a different event, and do so without the permission of Can’t Break Me Retreat, and will be subject to dismissal from participation in the retreat. I fully understand the consequences of and sign this LIABILITY WAIVER AND PERMISSION kno

knowingly, freely, and willingly


General Statement

Can't Break Me Retreat respect your right to privacy and will not collect any personal information about you on this website without your clear permission. Any personal data that you volunteer, if retained, will be held on secure servers. The nature of the Internet is such that we cannot guarantee or warrant the security of any information you transmit to us via the Internet. No data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. However, we will take all reasonable steps (including appropriate technical and organizational measures) to protect your personal data.


Collection and use of personal data

Can't Break Me Retreat  may gather two types of information about you from our sites:

Personal information is data that identifies you or can be used to identify or contact you and may include, your name, company, e-mail address, phone number, credit card numbers and expiration date. Can't Break Me Retreat do not collect any personal data about you from this website, apart from information that you volunteer (for example by e-mailing us or by completing any of our on-line forms or voluntary registration for the services Can't Break Me Retreat, offer. If you choose not to provide the necessary personal information when requested, certain services or parts of the sites might not be available to you.

Aggregate information generated by Can't Break Me Retreat  systems, which, like most websites, tracks traffic to and on the Sites but does not identify you personally.


Disclosure of information

We will not disclose your personal data unless you have consented to this disclosure. We may disclose with your consent: (a) any information that Can't Break Me Retreat, gather about you to third parties for the purposes of providing you with services that Can't Break Me Retreat  consider may be of interest to you; (b) aggregate tracking information and other information that does not personally identify you, to third parties; (c) your personal information to third parties, when Can't Break Me Retreat believe in good faith that Can't Break Me Retreat, is required to do so by law.


Use of information

Can't Break Me Retreat may use the personal information it collects: (a) to verify your identity and assist you for our  services; (b) to assist in providing the services requested by you; (c) to provide further information to you about other websites and services or Can't Break Me Retreat, consider may be of interest to you; (d) for future marketing, promotional and publicity purposes that relate to Can't Break Me Retreat or its purpose, including to carry out direct marketing, event invitations & activities, market research and surveys; (e) to help ensure that you are shown information that Can't Break Me Retreat considers may be relevant to you and your interests; and (g) for any other use that you authorize.

Changes to the Website Privacy Policy

Any changes to this Website Privacy Policy will be posted on this website so you are always aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances, if any, we disclose it.


Cookies & tracking

Website cookies are small text files that can be placed on your computer by the websites you visit. They are widely used in order to make websites work as intended and enhance the users’ experience. Can't Break Me Retreat do not collect personally identifiable information through website cookies.

Can't Break Me Retreat may use a "cookie" file containing information that can identify details of your IP address, PC platform (e.g. Windows, NT or Mac), browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox or other, plus the version of browser), domain (whether you are accessing a Site from CR or elsewhere) and other user information (e.g. your username). Can't Break Me Retreat, may use the information generated by cookies to: (a) track traffic patterns to, from and on the Sites; (b) help display advertising to the appropriate users; and (c) enable you to enter the Sites and use certain services and to visit registered user only areas of the Site. You can choose to manage your cookies. Most web browsers allow some control of most cookies through the browser settings. To find out more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set and how to manage and delete them visit:


Holding, correcting and updating

 If you are an individual, you have certain rights under "LEY DE PROTECCIÓN DE LA PERSONA FRENTE AL TRATAMIENTO DE SUS DATOS PERSONALES. Ley N° 8968" that Costa Rica holds. We will correct any personal information we may hold about you if you notify us in writing of the correction. If you have any questions about how Can't Break Me Retreat work or regarding this Privacy Policy, contact essential Can't Break Me Retreat,  by sending an email to

We welcome comments and suggestions regarding Can't Break Me Retreat privacy policy. Please send any questions about it or the information we have collected from you to If you believe your personal information has been misused or handled in such a manner contrary to the policy stated above, please contact us at

This Policy and any issue or dispute regarding privacy concerns will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Costa Rica, without regard to any choice of law provisions. This Policy and the Terms of Use are the entire agreement between the parties relating to use of the Website and the personal information collected by Can't Break Me Retreat.


Contact Us

Can't Break Me Retreat is committed to protecting the information that you provide us. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about our Privacy and Security Policy or our Terms and Conditions, please contact us at

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