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About Kristel

Message From Kristel
To The Woman You are Becoming!

I want to start by saying that you are beautiful. Who you are should empower you.
And your history should make you feel brave and resilient.


I want to encourage you to not settle for less than you deserve.

God created you and gifted you to be the best version of yourself therefore strive to become who He intended you to be by embracing your uniqueness and beauty.

You are Fearfully and Wonderfully made, this speaks of so much care and love God has for You.


Don’t shrink in the presence of others just to allow them to feel safe around you. Your circle should empower you to shine bright and to rise.

Be mindful of your circle, there is strength in purposeful sisterhood, we must stop competing with other women, and instead, we must encourage and support each other.


God in his perfection has a unique plan for everyone, and if you trust him, he will guide you and put you through your destiny. No one can take away what HE has set aside for you.

Be bold enough to keep pushing through your pain, through the heartbreak, through the tears, through the challenges that we face in this so-called life.


God promised to be by your side always, don’t take this for granted, you are covered by his Grace and Mercy but most importantly by his unconditional Love.

Walk gracefully knowing who you are in him and rest in his deliverance.


Be strong and courageous.

Let’s stand in Power together


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