I’m so excited to invite you to the magical paradise of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is a land of privileged landscapes, sunny weather, a variety of ecosystems and home to a significant portion of the environmental and cultural heritage of Costa Rica.

Located less than 45 minutes from San Jose International Airport, THE RETREAT is nestled in the arms of a quartz mountain and overlooks a stunning balcony to the Pacific Ocean. THE RETREAT provides panoramic views extending over 60 miles across the world-renown beauty of Costa Rica. THE RETREAT is more than a luxury wellness destination; it truly is ‘Heaven on Earth’; a place where visitors can let go of the stresses of everyday life and learn how to create the inner feeling of balance within that you have always dreamed of having in your life.

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  • Our Accommodations

I’ve secured the most glamorous and relaxing environment for you to have 5 days of complete relaxation.

The tropical luxury resort nestled among lush vegetation in the arms of quartz mountains with stunning views of the Nicoya Peninsula and the Pacific Ocean.

A world-class, nature-inspired, holistic healing oasis that will nourish and renew your mind, body, and soul.

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  • Health and Wellness

While our focus is to strengthen the mind and spirit we would also incorporate workout sessions to get your heart pumping.

We’ll also get outdoors and be active while experiencing nature.


NATURE HIKE Supercharge your energy exploring the crystal quartz mountain. We invite you on our daily guided hike to invigorate your senses, ignite physical, mental and spiritual well-being while enjoying the surrounding beautiful landscapes. Our 5k walk is a journey down the slopes of the hotels crystal mountain which has a palpable energetic impulse. This will take you through our organic coffee plantation, over the mountain pathways with vast views of the ocean and peninsula, into the jungle and down to the river where wooden swings hang from giant trees. Your guide will note the flora and fauna, and specifically, point out our family of white-faced monkeys and occasional sloths and white-nosed ‘Pizote’. You can also note the variety of indigenous plants and trees of our Costa Rican landscape and pay particular attention to the numerous species of birds that adorn the valley. Difficulty: Moderate- high Duration: 1:30 - 2 hour

  • Healing Workshops

I will never forget the feeling of devastation, emptiness, and loneliness when my heart was broken. It took a lot of healing and self-discovery to be able to pick up myself back from the floor.

In our workshops, women of every type would come from a place of broken-heartedess and pain to a place of acceptance, self-love and strength.

This emotional healing retreat can help restore your energy, Take the chance to heal and revive your spirit, and put the calm back into your life.

During your 6 days long escape to this piece of heaven on earth, you will feed your mind, body, and soul.

You will learn to let go and find piece within yourself to keep pushing forward.

We want you to disconnect from life for a moment a reconnect with yourself.

  • 3  healthy meals a day

Chefs choice menus based on what is fresh, inspiring and thoughtful.

100% organic and fresh.

According to our guests themselves, our unique gastronomic experience is the highlight of their stay.

Meals are prepared a la minute with fresh products, having as base organic and healthy products from our organic farm.

Magic happens in our kitchen because we prove wrong the preconceived ideas according to which healthy food seems less appealing.

Here healthy rhymes with pleasure.

So does our organic biodynamic wines and Fresh handcrafted cocktail selection. You must experience it to believe it!



  • Rest and Relaxation

The Vida Mia Healing center and Spa a has much to offer with its stunning views from every angle of its 750 square meter structure atop a quartz mountain. The views open through the deep valley and mountain region, with volcanic views that extends to the Pacific Ocean, Nicoya Gulf and Peninsula. Vida Mia was carefully designed with ancient Feng Shui principles balancing energies throughout the construction of the building to optimize, health, wealth, charisma, love, sex and luck.


The Gratitude Lounge is a resting place with big lush couches to enjoy resting and reading or sipping tea.


The Gratitude Lounge Café and Tea Bar presents a robust natural menu of snacks, smoothies, light lunches and of course sunset platters with Organic and Biodynamic Wines.

 The Meditation Deck right below the ‘Monkey tree” is a wonderful place to reflect, chant, pray, or be one with nature. The Quiet Pool is for resting, sunbathing and enjoying the gorgeous view of the Pacific Ocean while waiting for your next healing treatment. There are poolside lounges and hanging pool chairs where food and drink can be served.



  • Cultural experiences

 LA PAZ WATERFALL GARDENS AND POAS VOLCANO A favorite tourist destination. This is one that consistently gets rave reviews. La Paz is a favorite, for its beautiful butterfly gardens, amazing wildlife and three of the most gorgeous waterfalls in Costa Rica. You will see Sloths, Monkeys, snakes and Costa Rican frogs.


We have designed our tour to make your visit to Poas and the Waterfall Gardens as relaxing and restful as possible, after breakfast at The Retreat the guests enjoy a 90 minute drive through Old town Palmeres and Grecia experiencing some Costa Rican culture and passing through some of the most beautiful agricultural lands of the country. We go directly to Poas to enjoy a short hike around the mouth of the volcano.


Then to the waterfalls where our guests appreciate the professional setting that brings you so close to nature in its pure form. The gardens provide a lovely typical Costa Rican lunch buffet, (or we can pack a picnic lunch of the Retreats healthy cuisine). Upon departure, our tour concierge will stop at a viewpoint of the central valley for a photo opportunity of the beautiful landscape and then a quick stop at a tropical fruit stand to explore more of the country’s gems. Departs at 9 am and arrives back at The Retreat by 5 pm to enjoy the beautiful sunset Duration: Full day



  • Cooking class

They are many benefits of learning or developing a new skill, your brain chemistry changes, helps you to adapt better to change and reduces stress.

When we are going through challenging times it is important to learn new information, it expands our mind to undiscovered things.


You don’t know what you don’t know, but as you gain new knowledge, you become more aware of the unknown and you have more courage to let go.




  • Sisterhood and community

Sisterhood is empowering. A female must know, love, and honor herself before she can know, love, and honor you as her sister. Like attracts like and we can find each other to connect and share resources. When women are empowered, the entire community is empowered and this is so extremely important because a group of women wanting each other to do well is something not everyone has the privilege of having. Having someone stand behind you, telling you, "you can do it," is an amazing feeling.